Grow in faith and love
Keep a prayer journal
Adopt a rescue
Write a poem or short piece of fiction
Get back in contact with a few old friends


Learn French
Learn a new trade
Complete my TEFL
Buy a domain
Get a decent blog layout
Pass my driving test
Update my CV and Linkedin profile


Become debt free
Get a decent camera
Get a decent phone
Make a budget and stick to it!


See more of Europe
Climb the Eiffel Tower
Go to New Zealand
Go to Australia
Make a friend in a foreign country
Navigate a foreign city by myself


Tone up
Grow my hair
Go blonde again (deep!)
Read at least three books a month for six consecutive months
Make a YouTube video
Go fishing
Try surfing
Camp on the beach again
Make mulled wine
Upcycle a piece of furniture
Make lasagne (it's my favourite food but I've never made it)
Read 5 classics
Add 100 new songs to my music library

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