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Poundland Nail Polishes

When I moved out of my last flat I realised that every single nail polish I owned had gone gloopy and I'd only used them once or twice. As much as I love pretty nails, I don't paint mine enough to justify spending more than a quid on nail polish. I feel like I'm always cleaning or doing dishes (ahh, adulthood!) so they chip straight away or I end up picking them off. I live opposite a nail salon so I'd go there if I really wanted them to last.

Whenever I go into my local Poundland I always look at their nail or makeup collection. Although I wouldn't buy the foundation or mascara, their liquid eyeliner is pretty decent for a quid and they have a nice selection of nail polishes.

As it's summer (I think), I opted for pastel shades 'Mint Milkshake' and 'Bambino Blue' (I know they look virtually the same in this pic, but I assure you they're not). You can view their full collection here. (I can definitely see the glittery ones getting me throug…