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REVIEW: Essence Mousse Foundation

I'm a foundation fiend and on my quest to find the perfect, purse-friendly foundation, I stumbled upon this little gem in Wilko. I was impressed with the Essence lipstick range and I use their 'Lash Princess Mascara' (I'm not 12. Honest!) so thought I might as well give their foundation a try. I can imagine this being the new Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for 14-year-olds ... Anyone? I would have definitely worn this back in the day. Admittedly, the packaging is more appropriate for that age group which might be off-putting to people who prefer their high-end brands, but give this a chance.

The coverage is medium, but definitely buildable. I use my Real Technique Stifling Brush to blend, but I'm sure a sponge would work just as well (probably better, but mine is battered! I need a new one). Like a lot of high-street brands, the shades are limited unfortunately. I use 'Matt Ivory (04)' in the winter and 'Matt Sand (01)' during summer, but there are…