Monday, 21 December 2015

Peanut Butter and Banana Brownies

I made two batches of brownies the other night. The first batch was too sweet for me, but my friend liked them so I gave them to her. The second batch were supposed to be banana brownies, but I didn't have unsalted butter so I used peanut butter instead. I liked these ones much better and peanut butter and banana are two of my top foods/ingredients. Here's the recipe;

You will need;

175g crunchy peanut butter
180g soft dark sugar
200g dark chocolate
2 eggs
2 large bananas
100g self-raising flour
2tbsp cocoa powder

1. Melt the chocolate, peanut butter, and sugar over a low heat in a medium sized saucepan. Mix with a wooden spoon and once the ingredients have melted, set aside and allow to cool for five minutes.

2. Lightly beat the eggs then slowly pour into the mixture, continually stirring. (Make sure the mixture has cooled otherwise the eggs will cook!)

3. Mash the two bananas or give them a whizz in the blender before adding them to the mixture.

4. Fold in the flour until completely combined.

5. Pour the mixture into a tray (greased) and bake for 30 minutes on 160. (The size of the baking tray doesn't matter too much. Depends on how high you want your brownies! ;)


I adapted this recipe from here and here

Thursday, 3 September 2015

September Goals

1. Eat healthily and work out (so cliche)
Recently, I've become a lot more conscious about what I eat and where it comes from. I don't believe in fad diets or being too restrictive, but it's good to know where your food comes from so you can make an informed choice. I suffered a lot with allergies over the summer. Reducing my dairy intake seemed to help and when I fell off the cheese wagon (I do love cheese!), my symptoms (itchy throat, stingy eyes) flared up again. (Me and a couple of friends actually had a cheese and wine night - it was amazing!) Obviously, I can't prove it was due to dairy, but I do want to limit it and see whether my overall health and energy levels improve. I've also shopped locally a couple of times lately and the veg I bought was delicious. I'm not anti-supermarkets, but I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses and shopping locally.
Exercise wise; I've slacked! Although, carrying trays back and forth and lifting ridiculously heavy dishwasher loads is exercise. I think I've finally given up on the idea of a gym membership, but I'm definitely not taking enough advantage of my Wii.

2. Do more cooking and baking
I'm such a late bloomer, but I've recently discovered a love of cooking. Being on a relatively tight budget has meant that I've eaten out a lot less and done a lot more cooking and making do with what's in my fridge and cupboards. I want to do more baking too, but first I need to tackle the space issue in my tiny studio kitchen ...

3. Sort out my flat
I want to reorganise my little flat and get some decent storage. Something like this for my kitchen would be perfect.

4. Reconnect with old friends
Sometimes people naturally drift apart, but sometimes life gets in the way and staying in touch means setting aside some time and making an effort. A few of my friends have moved away or had children and I haven't exactly been great at keeping in contact, which I want to put right.

5. Blog/journal more often

Friday, 14 August 2015


Brighton is one of my favourite places. It's so vibrant, quirky, and completely different to my conservative and rural hometown. Myself, my sister, and her friend visited last week and had such fun exploring the lanes and roaming the pier. Unfortunately, my sister and her friend don't share my appreciation for stomach-churning rides, but we did ride the Brighton wheel (because we're such adrenaline junkies!)

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great - hence the murky pictures.

View from the Brighton wheel.



We had coffee at Marwood - possibly the coolest coffee shop I've ever visited.

Classy bird!

I'm personally not a fan of vintage - I like it on other people, just not me - but these outfits are adorable. I can't remember the name of the shop (useful. I know), but it was in one of the lanes.


We went to Nando's on the last night and I had a Mexican salad with grilled chicken.

(Tenby, you're a well-established tourist destination ... Why don't you have Nando's?)

 Although I love to travel abroad, visiting Brighton reminded me that the UK is full of great places to visit and things to see. We booked our apartment with Airbnb, which I definitely want to use again - I'm already looking at places in London and Bath.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

South Africa

Last Friday, I returned home from ten incredible, life-changing weeks in South Africa. I've been back in the UK for less than a week and I already miss the sun (I hate British weather!). On the plus side, I have wifi and Netflix again.

South Africa is beautiful and I had some wonderful experiences. I met some of the warmest, spiritual, and beautiful people who helped me grow so much.

Here are a few photos:

 By Durban beach. (This picture doesn't do it enough justice)

 Standard monkey waiting for food.

Monkeys raiding the bin for food. 

I was fortunate enough to visit this beautiful little tourist attraction close to the accommodation.
It was full of quirky little gift shops selling puzzles, jewellery, crystals, etc. It also had a lovely little restaurant overlooking a breathtaking view.

Again, this picture doesn't do the scenery justice and, unfortunately, the weather wasn't great (for South African standards anyway), but the view is still beautiful.

Love this ...

The charity I volunteered for is Tearfund - a Christian charity that helps combat poverty across the globe. Volunteering for this amazing charity helped me rediscover my faith and re-evaluate my lifestyle and, let's be honest, changed my life. To find out more about the ICS programme, click here. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

I should probably introduce myself ...

Hi, I'm Tara! I live in rural rainy Wales. I study Psychology and Criminology with the Open University. I've just returned home from ten amazing weeks in South Africa and I'm still trying to adjust to horrible UK weather. I like to eat, wander, and be close to the sea. Weaknesses include heels, perfume, and romcoms (not that original, sorry).

Anyway, enough about me. Let's give this blog malarky a chance.

Poundland Nail Polishes

When I moved out of my last flat I realised that every single nail polish I owned had gone gloopy and I'd only used them once or twice....